Introduction by BitstreamCowboy

I didn’t do a lick of school for programming. I hacked my way through. I started by hacking BASIC source codes in 1979. Back then, the easiest way to learn programming was copying verbatim codes published in books, magazines and journals. But for the really advanced codes, there was no other way than to peruse the source codes of sophisticated programs, then manipulate them for your own use. That was the birth if hacking. Later, with the advent of machine language and Assembly Code came more and more sophisticated routines for copy protection. Thus, evolving a new level of hacking known as Cracking—where you crack copy protection to bootleg software. The next evolution in hacking came with the advent of the modem. Now, through telecommunication, the new heaven was hacking into systems. The savvy, like me, would write our own War Dialers and password algorithms, continually updating them, to bypass system’s security.